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March 11th, 2011 in Blogs
Mike Guertin, editorial advisor

Speedy Hidden Fastening System
by Greg DiBernardo

Marc Currie
Marketing Director
Niece Lumber

May 12, 2010
John and Paul, Massachusetts

My brother and I purchased the hidfast deck fastening system six months ago. After the first two decks we were hooked. The accuracy and speed of this gun made the difference for us. By accuracy, I mean the way in which every fastener is shot into the hardiest center of the joist. The guide on the gun lines it up perfect every time. When it comes to speed there is no comparison. You walk along the joist swinging the mallet. As fast as you can move you can install, with hidden fasteners. One fastener per joist, no pouches full of screws. 

The reason it took two decks to sell us, was the fact of size. We moved through the smaller deck first so the efficiency was there but not as apparent. The next deck was much larger, 20 footers, picture framed with large stairs. We tried the "other" clip fastening system, while affective, the time crawling on the deck seemed like the old way, and I personally would rather walk then crawl. If you look at the fasteners for this gun they drive deep into the joist. As I am sure you all know here in the northeast our PT lumber swells, freezes, shrinks and moves with the seasons. 

We have trusted our name and reputation on this product and will continue to do so. We believe this is the future. Whether you are a one man show or have multiple crews, this gun will make you money, bottom line.


\May 12, 2010

 I am sending you a testimonial on our thoughts of the HIDfast deck fastening system.
 I originally purchased the HIDfast nailer in 2009 but unfortunately with the economic downturn did not have use for it until this week. 

Today was our maiden voyage using the nailer and I have to say "it rocked!" I was initially a little skeptical on how securely the fasteners would hold the decking to the framing and was curious on the dependability of the built-in spacers but I have to report that I was very pleasantly surprised about the results. Between the HIDfast nailer and the use of Core-Tex fasteners the final product was very esthetically pleasing. Once we got used to using the nailer we decided to "time" the installation of a single 20 ft. course of Procell decking which was :65sec. Compare that to having to screw the decking down to each joist and the cost-effectiveness in man-hours alone is unparallel.

I also wanted to thank you for visiting our job site and for your very helpful advice. Iím now a huge fan of HIDfast.



July 21, 2010 

I just wanted to let you know that I purchased your HIDfast tool about a month ago and I am very pleased with it.  I have been using it on the AZEK decks that I have been building and I have found it to be an excellent investment and a time saver.  I built 4)- 200 sq. foot decks with it last week in a condo complex, this was the first that I tried it and as far as hidden fasteners go it is definitely the quickest.  I have told my supplier how happy I was with this tool and I will definitely recommend it my fellow contractors.  Thanks for designing a great product that I intend to use a lot on the numerous decks that we have to build yet this year (about 25).

Bruce, NJ