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FASTEST AND EASIEST HIDDEN DECK FASTENER SYSTEM YOU'LL EVER USE! - What makes the HID-fast system so fast? Pure and simple, there is NO hardware! No screws, no clips, no clamps. How about 30 seconds per board? If that sounds unrealistic, then you need to watch our videos and see for yourself. All you need is our pneumatic tool, a package of HID-fast fasteners, and a our rubber mallet that comes with the tool, and you're ready to go. Now you can install decking 5 times faster than conventional screws, or nails. Check out our videos to see how unbelievably fast this decking system is


AZEK Building Products Partners with 
Revolutionary HIDfast Deck Fastening System
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HIDfast is the fastest, easiest way to get a fastener free surface for a lasting, beautiful appearance. Patented, worry-free, stainless steel fasteners are collated for easy handling and quick loading. Patent pending pneumatic tool delivers precise, consistent, effortless, installation.

Can you meet the next level in deck fastening, hidden and fast?
You can with HIDfast!

By far the fastest and easiest decking system that you will ever use!

The only collated air driven Hidden Deck Fastener in the World!

NOW finally hidden deck fastening does not have to be time consuming and
tedious, with HIDfast it is faster and easier, to be hidden!

Our hidden fasteners are less expensive than most, but by far faster than all!

All other hidden deck fasteners are handled one piece at a time, and they all
require nails or screws to secure them.

HIDfast is a true fastener, no nails or screws needed to secure them,
making HIDfast the only fastener you need!

Be sure to visit our picture page. It has video's of our new HIDfast decking tool in action. The video's also show proper setup and operation of our "Joist Attachment." 
Our "brochure" page includes PDF files of our brochure, Installation Manual, and our new Precision adjustment "Joist Attachment." Click on "Brochure" in the menu to see them.

HIDfast Fastener Quick Reference Chart